Service Providers

The Carina Leagues Triathlon Club is consistently striving to improve the facilities available to its members. We would sincerely like to thank our sponsors and supporters for the 2018/2019 season, and look forward to our continued relationship in the coming year.


Mind Your Body Co.

Mind your Body co. (formerly Body Control Consulting and Training) is a small practice that offers personalized attention and one-on-one hands on treatment based on the latest scientific research.

We have now been providing physiotherapy service to the club for more than 10 years and would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the CLTC for their continued support. It gives us great personal and professional satisfaction assisting the development of the wonderful variety of athletes within the club.

We work within the same stability and technique focused framework as your coaches. In fact, we work together to update, modify and adapt this framework as research in this area moves forward. This ensures fluid continuity between the exercises we prescribe in a treatment session and those that you routinely perform as part of your coaching program with the CLTC.

We apply our deep understanding of functional human movement in our assessment to select specific treatment techniques to correct dysfunction and then provide you with the most appropriate exercises to improve your movement.

The intricately linked way the various parts of our body interact as we move can mean PAIN is often NOT where the PROBLEM is!!! Therefore, our approach takes a very “wholistic” view of all factors contributing to our musculoskeletal wellbeing.

Our approach does not require multiple visits per week. Very acute and severe injuries can be an exception. However, the overwhelming majority of injuries triathletes face are over-use type injuries, rather than acute trauma. We typically see people once per week in the first 2 or 3 weeks to be sure the corrections to alignment problems have held and that the home exercise program is being performed correctly. It is our goal to make the athlete as independent as possible. So, once symptoms are controlled and the home (and training) based exercise program are being well adhered to, we believe most people should attend for maintenance ‘tune up’ about every 6 - 8 weeks. This then becomes preventative treatment where by any alignment issues are corrected before they have had a chance to contribute to injury.

Our philosophy is “We have the tools (knowledge) to improve movement and decrease pain BUT You have to be keen to learn how to use them”

You are the only one that can make the decision to commit to taking those tools and using them to connect your brain, body and mind to get the results you seek…… Pain free movement in everyday life and/or better performance in your sport or recreational activity.

Contact Details: 0430 125 087



Queensland Foot Centres

Queensland Foot Centres has had a long and rewarding relationship with the Carina Leagues Triathlon Club.  Queensland Foot Centres has been caring for and managing athletes from the club for well over 15 years.  It has been a terrific privilege to be part of the club in a professional manner and the team at Queensland Foot Centres looks forward to supporting the club and its members for many years to come. 

Queensland Foot Centres has been long associated with sports podiatry.  The team at Queensland Foot Centres has dealt with triathletes at all levels ranging from Olympic medallists to beginners in their start up years. 

The philosophy that Queensland Foot Centres offers patients is very similar to Warwick and his coaching staff and their philosophies on running technique, injury rehabilitation, footwear advice and any orthotic intervention.  Queensland Foot Centres and their professional staff look beyond just the foot and its relationship to injury.  We take a special interest in looking at the entire running technique of the individual. 

We have an excellent 3D scanning feature within our clinic that provides outstanding information to us and we feel provides the athlete with the best possible orthotic available to them.  The backbone of our service is to look at primary and secondary risk factors to the patient’s presentation, guide them through this and look at a significant preventative and self management strategy to ensure injury is less repeatable.

Queensland Foot Centres is located throughout Brisbane.  In relation to the club, our closest centres would be our Camp Hill or Gabba rooms and we look forward to meeting with any of the club members in regard to their podiatry requirements.

We wish the club all the best in their future endeavours and are proud to be associated with the Carina Leagues Triathlon Club.

Contact Details:  (07) 3274 5111



Total Body Wellness

Carina business Total Body Wellness believes in supporting the local community and are proud sponsors of the Carina Leagues Triathlon Club. Our experienced practitioners offer remedial, sports, relaxation and pregnancy massage as well as acupuncture. We work in conjunction with the squad to keep their bodies in peak physical condition.

Contact Details:  (07) 3395 0666



Movement Improvement Brisbane

Movement Improvement Brisbane opened in January 2018. Hudson Graham, one of our Directors, has been supporting the Carina Leagues Triathlon Club for over 10 years, providing his expertise on technical and educational aspects of physiotherapy. Movement Improvement Brisbane feels very privileged to continue this ongoing-support and we’re proud to be a preferred provider of physiotherapy services to club athletes.

Contact Details:  (07) 3397 2800