Triathlon Coaches

At Carina Leagues Triathlon Club, you'll be trained by accredited triathlon coaches who have successfully completed the Development Coach Course under Triathlon Queensland's National TED (Training, Education and Development) program.  Our triathlon coaches are very passionate about the sport of triathlon and have the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to help you improve your swim, bike and run performance - no matter what stage you're at in your triathlon journey.


Rob FoxLEY-ConOlly - ADULT Squad Triathlon Coach

Rob has been a member of Carina Leagues Triathlon Club for 14 years, as an athlete and now as the Adult Squad coach. In his younger days he was a competitive swimmer and as such can identify areas of improvement for an efficient triathlon swimming stroke. Growing up in North Queensland he was an active surf life saver and also competed in triathlon during the late 80's where budgie smugglers were the norm. In 2003 he entered his first long course triathlon event, Yeppoon 70.3, and thought it would be a good idea to have a triathlon coach. 14 years and numerous triathlons later (including 9 ironman events!) he is the coach of his beloved Carina Leagues Triathlon Club. Rob's adult squad triathlon program caters for all levels of athletes across all distances. His coaching philosophy is one of enjoyment, improvement and getting the most out of each session.

For more information about our adult squad triathlon program please contact Coach Rob using the online inquiry form below.LEY


Jordan Curd - Junior Squad Triathlon Coach

Jordan has been a member of the Carina Leagues Triathlon Club for 7 years, starting off barely being able to swim a lap of the 50-metre pool, to representing the Queensland team at the national titles, and now as the Junior Squad coach. His triathlon journey began in 2011 as a junior triathlete. Having participated at all levels of the sport, from beginner to competitive athlete, Jordan is able to offer tailor-made programs for an all-inclusive range of juniors. With his valuable experience training and racing as a junior, he aims to bring through the next generation of triathletes to compete in and enjoy the sport as he has. Jordan and the Carina Leagues Triathlon Club cater to all ages, all abilities, and all bikes. His coaching philosophy centres around fun, persistence, and self-improvement spanning far beyond the limits of the sport.

For more information about our junior squad triathlon program please contact Coach Jordan using the online inquiry form below.